Special-shaped structure

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Special-shaped structure

Special-shaped steel structure, steel structure is also called the space structure of space three-dimensional model generally can't simply use function table, need structure division of common structure several times

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Special-shaped steel structure, steel structure is also called the space structure of space three-dimensional model generally can’t simply use function table, need structure division of common structure several times and even more time to model, boundary conditions must consider carefully, load type and condition of the combination is more complex, later change is more complex, often some seemingly simple change on the appearance, will cause the structure division of work to request so that the owner and the architect should weigh, when in the early stage of the project can’t follow one’s inclinations, so as to avoid unnecessary delays, the early stage of the 2010 Shanghai world meteorological organization pavilion space truss model for a whole month, Any simple modification in the later stage will take 3-5 days to complete, which is unimaginable in today’s highly developed computer technology.

Once the construction drawing of special-shaped steel structure is completed, the late deepening design is also particularly time-consuming, the component specifications will be special, there are also encountered some component drawing is difficult to express with drawings, which requires the deepening designer to the workshop to guide the workers to loiter. Site installation is also relatively complex, requiring structural engineers, in-depth designers, project managers, technicians, front-line installation workers to make detailed plans, using scientific means to complete together.

The structural forms of special-shaped steel structures are generally shaped steel structures, grid structures, membrane structures, pipe trusses, etc., while the surface materials of envelope structures are generally aluminum plates, aluminum plastic plates, stainless steel plates, etc.


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    Guangdong Honghua Construction Co.,Ltd(hereinafter referred to as Honghua) is a construction unit of a Group company, which has two subsidiary fabrication factories-Guangdong Huayu Steel Structure Co.,Ltd and Dongguan Hongfa Steel Materials Co.,Ltd. Huayu is a heavy-steel processing base that covers an area of 0.15 million square meter. Hongfa is a light-steel processing base with an area of 0.11 million square meter. The annual production capacity of two bases can reach 0.15 million tons.

    Honghua can fabricate and install both high-rising building steel structure (such as commercial office buildings, hotels, high-rise residential ) and space building steel structure(like airport, exhibition center and stadium). Moreover, we can not only fabricate and install multistory light-steel steel structure(such as all kinds of industrial plants, storage, supermarket) ,  but also we can fabricate steel highway bridge as well as various complex types of curtain wall and equipment steel structure.

    Enterprise Basic Information

    Company address Huanan Industrial Park Liaobu Town Dongguan City Guangdong Province
    Establish Date Set up date 13th,Jan,1998
    Enrollment bankroll RMB 500,000,00
    Qualification The First class Qualification of the China Steel 2st Grade Specialized Sub-Contract Construction
    S1 Qualification for Singapore Steel Structure Manufacturing 2nd Grade Qualification for Specialized Design for Steel Structure
    Capacity/year Ton/mon 5500
    Ton/year 66000
    Annual business turnover Rmb 400,000,000
    Scope of business Fabrication and installation for the steel structure engineering and net rack engineering. Undertakes the design、fabrication and installation for the factory plant、logistic warehouse、multi-story and high rise buildings、public building、bridges、villas、curtain walls and equipment steel structures, and the fabrication and sell of the metal materials.


    ● Industrial and commercial business license
    ● Steel Professional Contract of Grade 2 Qualification ● Steel Structure Manufacturing of Grad 1 Qualification
    ● Grade B qualification of Special design for steel structure
    ● S1 Qualification for Singapore Steel Structure Manufacturing
    ● ISO9001: 2008 Certified Company
    ● Occupational health and safety management system certification
    ● Environment Management System Certification
    ● EN 1090 Certified Company
    ● Road transport operation license
    ● Quality, Service, Reputation AAA level enterprise
    ● Member of China Construction Metal Structure Association
    ● Guangdong Provincial Association unit of spatial structure
    ● Safety Production License
    ● Organization Code Certificate
    ● China Quality Service Integrity Unit
    ●  Health License
    ● Import and Export Certificate
    ● Trademark Registration certificate
    ● Fire safety certificate








    We are professional steel structure supplier. If you need quotation of steel structure project, please contact us :

    Contact Person: Olay   Zou

    Mobile Phone:+86 18890254203 or +86 13543742564

    Email: honglongsteel@163.com

    Address: Huanan Industrial Park, Liaobu Town, Dongguan City,  Guangdong Province      Postal Code: 523406




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