Steel box girder of pedestrian overpass bridge

Last month our company is undertaking a steel bridge project from a state-owned construction company.  After dozens of days of struggle, steel box girder of highway bridge have been finished hoisting. The project is located in Zhaoqing City, Guangdong province. The length of this passenger foot-bridge is 110 meter.

Footbridges are often situated to allow pedestrians to cross water or railways in areas where there are no nearby roads. They are also located across roads to let pedestrians cross safely without slowing traffic. The latter is a type of pedestrian separation structure.

Types of footbridges include:

Beam Bridge


Clapper bridge

Duckboards, Timber trackway, Plank road, and Corduroy road

Moon bridge

Simple suspension bridge

Simple truss

Stepping stones

Zig-zag bridge

If you want to fabricate steel box girder of the above bridges, please contact us.

Post time: Apr-01-2020