Important points for steel structure workshop design


When it comes to steel structure workshop design, some considerations should be taken so as to make an optimal design. The consideration including but not limited to:

● Impervious: to prevent seepage of rainwater from outside into metal roof panel. Generally rainwater enters into metal roof through overlapping seams or nodes. To achieve impervious function, sealing washers should be utilized in the screw mouth which will then be hidden fixed. In the overlap of panels, a sealant or welding treatment should be done to eliminate laps.

● Fire proof: in the event of fire, it must ensure that the metal roof materials will not burn, and the flame will not penetrate metal roof.

● Wind proof: considering the maximum wind pressure in the local area, the design of steel structure workshop should make sure that the metal roof panels will not be pulled away by negative wind pressure.

● Sound insulation: to prevent sound being transmitted from outside to indoors or from indoors to outside. Generally the insulation materials will be filled between the layers of metal roof panels. The effectiveness of insulation is highly related to the density and thickness of sound insulation materials.

● Ventilation: considering air circulation indoors and outdoors, vents should be set on building roof structure.

● Moisture proof: to prevent the condensation of water vapor in the metal roof layer. The solution is to fill the insulation wool in the layer of roof panels and paste waterproof membrane on the roof panels.

● Load-bearing: the steel structure shed workshop should has large load-bearing capacity to withstand the attack of heavy rain and snow as well as bear the construction and maintenance load.

● Lightning protection: to prevent lightning from penetrating metal roof into the room.

● Lighting: sunroof can be applied to improve the interior lighting during the day. It can be lighting panels or glass.

Control thermal expansion and contraction: considering some areas with large temperature difference, it must ensure that the metal roof panels will not be damaged by the stress caused by thermal expansion and contraction.


Post time: Jun-03-2019